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"Working hard for something we don't care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion."
Simon Sinek
Rod Pickering

Rod Pickering

Executive Director & Technology Consultant

Rod is a Mechanical Engineer with 52 years experience. Rod has an in-depth understanding of mechanized mining, rock boring and non-explosive mining methods. He is widely recognized as an expert in the mechanization of hard rock mining operations.

Jim Porter

Jim Porter

Interim Chairman & Managing Director

Prof Jim Porter is a Consulting Engineer with 44 years operational, project management and consulting experience. He holds a BSc Hons Mining (Leeds University) and completed the Management Development Program (UNISA) and an Advanced Management Program (INSEAD, France).

Dean Ackerman

Dean Ackerman

Senior Engineering Manager

Dean has 33 years of experience in the mining industry, specializing in the extraction of high value particles from run of mine material feed. His particular strength and skill-set lies in the design and optimization of particulate extraction machinery.

Hilton Dawson

Finance & Admin

With over 30 years of experience, Hilton has skills in managing different aspects of business operations, including finance, information technology, project management, and human resources. His academic background, including a Master of Business degree from the University of Witwatersrand, has also helped him to develop a strategic and analytical approach to problem-solving. A member of the Golden Key Society, has earned him the respect of his peers.

Alastair Macfarlane

Alastair Macfarlane

Strategic Business Development

Alastair is a mining engineer with 47 years of mining experience. Most of his production experience is in gold and platinum mining in South Africa. He has consulted globally in many commodities.


Mike Grummitt

Technical Services

Mike Grummitt is a Mining Engineer with 39 years operational, technical, project and consulting experience and holds an Associateship of the Camborne School of Mines (ACSM). Mike has an-depth understanding of hard rock mining and technical services provision and management.